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Skyler Nicole was one of the finest black girls we'd ever seen here on Black GFs. When the video began, she was posted up in the backyard stretching out in some booty shorts and a loose sweater. While she bent over, we got the best view ever of her ass. As a perfect cherry on top, her tits spilled out of her sweater. Truth be told, she was a down ass chick and was fine with her boyfriend recording her while she was exposed. Skyler showed off her sexy cheerleading stuff to him while she shook her booty all around. Then she intentionally flashed her tits, and her man reached out and gave them a squeeze.

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After that, they headed to the inside porch, and the sex tape really began. By then she was super horny, so she whipped out her BF's cock and got right to sucking on it. She slobbed on that dick like only a true ebony pro could. Her man was truly inspired by then and wasted no time getting in that hot ebony pussy. He banged Skyler's perfect ebony pussy all over the porch, and it was an amazing sight to behold. She loved it and orgasmed several times. Watch her work that ass was incredible. And the way her tits bounced up and down from the pounding was super hot. So much that her man couldn't hold back anymore and had to bust his load all over her pretty face.


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Vicki Miraj is what we like to refer to a PYT (as Mike said, a Pretty Young Thang). She was looking super hot at the gym working out in a tube top and a thong. She was a petite little thing, but she had a glorious ass that she was more than happy to show off for us, as she did some deep stretching. Her man had his video on hand and decided to film Vicki as she stretched. It was a thing of beauty, so you can't blame him. And even though she was complaining about it, Vicki still got into a stretching machine where she spread her legs wide open to give us a full view of that phat ebony pussy. Her man was so horny and wouldn't stop with the attempts at trying to get her to agree to a sextape, so she finally gave in. Right then and there at the gym, he pulled out his cock, and Vicki started to suck away on it. This black girl had some mad dick sucking skills.

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She just bobbed up and down on that dick, as she took it deeper and deeper down her throat. After that, her BF started to rub that hot little black pussy. It was so wet and tight, Vickie was dripping, so she stripped down naked. She revealed those nice ebony tits and gave us a great view of that sexy booty. Her man went wild on that pussy. He turned Vicki around and went at it hard from the back in doggy style. Vicki's ass bounced up against him hard from the pounding he was giving that pussy. She loved it, and the couple banged in various positions in the middle of the gym. When man had gotten his fill of that sweet black pussy, he pulled out his cock and busted his hot all over Vicki's sexy body. This is one Black GF's update you will not want to miss!


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This week on Black GFs, we had the gorgeous Brie Simmons onboard for an All-American spectacular. When caught up with Brie, her boyfriend was filming her through the crack in the door, as she took naughty selfies. In nothing but some American flag tights and no top, Brie took pics of herself posing in the mirror with her iPhone. No doubt, she had some nice titties and ass as sweet as apple pie. About that time, her man walked in to make his presence known. Brie was kind of pissed that he had been filming her for a while but quickly got over it. When her man confronted her about the selfies, she explained that she was sending them to her girlfriend at work, so she could see how cute she looked, as they had both bought the same tights to wear to work on the Fourth of July.

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Her man was cool with that and explained that the video her was filming was for his eyes only, as he grabbed her sexy booty and felt up her hot ebony tits. Of course, that got Brie horny, so she was all about having sex, whether it was going to recorded or not. Brie then went down on her knees, pulled out her BF's cock, and gave him the blow job of his life. Her man wasted no time and started to stroke that hot and tight ebony pussy from the back in doggy style. He banged Brie's sweet pussy all over the bedroom and gave her a one man fireworks show when he exploded his cum load all over her when he couldn't take anymore.


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This week on Black GFs, we had a slim and sexy ebony freak for you by the name of Scarlet Ray. When the video started, Scarlet's boyfriend was recording her as she was in the shower. Because of the noise and the water running over her face, he didn't see him standing there filming her at first. We could see though that Scarlet was a cute, slim, ebony babe with an incredible ass and a nice pair of tits. Scarlet claimed she didn't want him to film her. Yet when he asked her to strike a pose, she did. The way Scarlet flirted naked for the camera, we knew she was going to be down to make a sextape. When Scarlet came out of the shower and saw the bulge in her man's pants, she wasted no time asking him if he'd like her to help him with that.

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Of course he did, and Scarlet obliged him by sucking on his cock right there in the bathroom. Scarlet rubbed that pussy to get it wet and ready for sex. Her man entered that sweet black pussy and started to stroke it on a stool, but it was too uncomfortable, so they moved to the ground where Scarlet got on top. She was an absolute freak and a master of riding dick. Scarlet worked those hips like a champ, as her big black tits bounced up and down from the thrusting. And not much later, Scarlett's pussy proved too much for her BF to handle. He couldn't last any longer, so he pulled out and busted a huge load of cum all over Scarlet's hot ebony tits. It was some awesome action you won't want to miss.


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This week, we had the sexy and sweet Harmonie Marquise on Black GFs for you. For those of you who have never heard of this sexy black girl, she is really cute and HOT! Harmonie may be a shortie, but she is not frail. With nice, big, black tits that have pierced nipples, and a big, round, ebony booty, Harmonie was stacked from the top to the bottom with delicious plumpness. Her man came in on her while she was washing dishes in her thong, and she didn't even notice he was recording her. After a little chatting, she finally turned around and saw him. By then he had already filmed her ass and tits and even given us little glimpses by flashing them around her clothes. In truth, he was preparing her for the sextape he wanted to make.

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Harmonie claimed to be an innocent girl with no sex video experience, but we had our doubts because she warmed up the camera real fast. In no time, Harmonie was on her knees sucking that dick like only an Ebony freak could. And her BF was casing out that booty the whole time. He was more than ready to hit it, so he turned her around and went at Harmonie's pussy in doggy style like he was a wild beast. That ass must have inspired him, as it slapped up against him every time he stroked Harmonie hard from behind. Then her BF flipped her over and pounded that sweet ebony snatch deep until he was about to bust. When he couldn't hold it in anymore, he pulled out and busted his load all over Harmonie's sexy body.


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This week we caught up with the sexy Kennedy Monroe. She sent us a naughty little sextape she'd made with her man, and we were more than happy to receive it. When it started out, Kennedy was dressed in a sexy little outfit and was in the backyard recording an interview with her boyfriend that was to be sent to professional dance groups for Miami sports teams. The day was getting hot, so they moved the interviewing session indoors. There Kennedy showed off her physical fitness by doing some really challenging exercises. She then went on to do a Yoga routine, and when her man suggested she do naked Yoga for him while he recorded, Kennedy agreed. Her booty and sexy body looked so nice, as she stretched and contorted.

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It was just too much for her man, so he just pulled out his hard cock right there, and Kennedy went straight to sucking on it. The head was amazing, but not as amazing as Kennedy's sweet ebony pussy. Her man wasted no time stroking that pussy deep and hard. Kennedy loved the pounding but got on top to really show us how it's done. This naughty babe rode that dick until she orgasmed. After that, her man laid her down and went full throttle at that pussy. It was too much, so he had to pull out and bust his load all over Kennedy's pretty face and sexy body.


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Early one morning, the sexy Rio got up to clean out the closet in the new apartment. Her boyfriend had his camera out and was recording the apartment for the peeps back home. She was wearing house clothes, and her body was calling to us. Rio had a booty on her that was incredible. And when she kept bending over in the closet, her man couldn't resist but grab that ass and squeeze it. Rio's BF was super horny and suggested they make a sextape. Rio reminded him they'd already made a sextape, but he argued that they needed to make a new one for the new apartment.

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Rio was game, and she pulled down her panties to reveal that smoking ass. Then she played with her titties and pussy while she gave her man some serious head to get him rock hard. Her man wasted no time getting in that pussy. He nailed hard from the back in doggy style, and Rio loved that. She got on top and rode his cock like a sexy beast, but that booty was just too nice, so he went back for some more doggy style. After Rio had climaxed, he finally got his turn. Her man couldn't hold back, so he pulled out and busted his load all over her incredible tits and sexy body.

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