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Mya Lushes goes all out in this Black Gfs update titled, Luscious Lushes. She shows us what black girlfriends are all about. Not only does Mya pull out her her big amazing tits, but she she give an incredible blow job that you'll never forget. Only a veteran like her could deliver like that. And that pink bikini of hers will drive you bonkers. It is super sexy.

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But things only heat up in this BlackGfs episode, as Mya Lushes lays on her back to take that dick. She gets a hard pussy drilling, and her huge boobs bounce all over with the stroking. Her man just moves that bikini to the side to get access. But he's about done with it, so he decides to pull it off her and turn her around for some doggy style.

Luscious Lushes Mya Lushes

Mya Lushes gives us a look at that big booty, as she turn around to take that cock deep from the back in doggy style. We must say that the Luscious Lushes episode featuring Mya Lushes is one of our more recent favorites. The way she jumps jumps right into the action is amazing. She doesn't need to take any cues. This ebony porn babe is a natural, and you'll be in love.

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