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This week on Black GFs, we had on the lovely Adrian Maya and her friend Aj Axxx. These two black girls were as fine as they come. Adrian's boyfriend had come home early from work and caught the girls flirting. They were in tiny boy shorts, twerking their fine asses and taking selfies. He stayed quiet and filmed the whole thing on his camera, as the girls made out and played with each others pussies. When the girls noticed, they were a little embarrassed, but it was quickly revealed that they wanted to play in front of the camera. Adrian's BF kept recording as the girls masturbated and stripteased him.

Adrian Maya porn threesome on Black GFs

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Then they went for his cock together. He whipped it out, and pretty soon, they were both sucking away on it. After that, a full-out threesome ensued. It was absolutely insane. The sexual energy in this one was completely out of hand, as the ladies took turns taking his dick deep. He pounded those pussies in doggy style, and the ladies switched off as they ate each others pussies. When he couldn't take anymore, Adrian's BF pulled out and blew a huge load all over AJ's perfect black tits. You don't want to miss this one!


Harmonie Marquise ebony blowjob on Black GFs

This week, we had the sexy and sweet Harmonie Marquise on Black GFs for you. For those of you who have never heard of this sexy black girl, she is really cute and HOT! Harmonie may be a shortie, but she is not frail. With nice, big, black tits that have pierced nipples, and a big, round, ebony booty, Harmonie was stacked from the top to the bottom with delicious plumpness. Her man came in on her while she was washing dishes in her thong, and she didn't even notice he was recording her. After a little chatting, she finally turned around and saw him. By then he had already filmed her ass and tits and even given us little glimpses by flashing them around her clothes. In truth, he was preparing her for the sextape he wanted to make.

Black GFs ebony sex pics with Harmonie Marquise

Harmonie claimed to be an innocent girl with no sex video experience, but we had our doubts because she warmed up the camera real fast. In no time, Harmonie was on her knees sucking that dick like only an Ebony freak could. And her BF was casing out that booty the whole time. He was more than ready to hit it, so he turned her around and went at Harmonie's pussy in doggy style like he was a wild beast. That ass must have inspired him, as it slapped up against him every time he stroked Harmonie hard from behind. Then her BF flipped her over and pounded that sweet ebony snatch deep until he was about to bust. When he couldn't hold it in anymore, he pulled out and busted his load all over Harmonie's sexy body.


Kennedy Monroe ebony sex on Black GFs

This week we caught up with the sexy Kennedy Monroe. She sent us a naughty little sextape she'd made with her man, and we were more than happy to receive it. When it started out, Kennedy was dressed in a sexy little outfit and was in the backyard recording an interview with her boyfriend that was to be sent to professional dance groups for Miami sports teams. The day was getting hot, so they moved the interviewing session indoors. There Kennedy showed off her physical fitness by doing some really challenging exercises. She then went on to do a Yoga routine, and when her man suggested she do naked Yoga for him while he recorded, Kennedy agreed. Her booty and sexy body looked so nice, as she stretched and contorted.

Black GFs porn star Kennedy Monroe

It was just too much for her man, so he just pulled out his hard cock right there, and Kennedy went straight to sucking on it. The head was amazing, but not as amazing as Kennedy's sweet ebony pussy. Her man wasted no time stroking that pussy deep and hard. Kennedy loved the pounding but got on top to really show us how it's done. This naughty babe rode that dick until she orgasmed. After that, her man laid her down and went full throttle at that pussy. It was too much, so he had to pull out and bust his load all over Kennedy's pretty face and sexy body.


Brandy Foxx ebony porn on Black GFs

This week we had the sexy ebony babe Brandy Foxx on Black GFs. She was looking really hot in tiny and tight white panties and a red tank top. This hot black girl was caught by her BF in the bathroom taking selfies. He came in on her with his camera and proposed that they get naughty. Truth be told, Brandy was down. In no time flat, she was flashing her amazing Ebony tits for the camera. Brandy's BF told her they should go to the bedroom, and she followed him.

Black GFs ebony pussy Brandy Foxx

Once in the bedroom, Brandy got mad freaky, pulled down her man's pants and went buckwild sucking on his cock. It was a sight to be seen. This only served to get her horny though, so her BF stripped her naked, showing off that sexy body, and pounded that pussy hard. But wanted to get even deeper in that hot ebony snatch, so he turned Brandy around and drilled that pussy from the back in doggy style. That pussy was insane good, and her man couldn't hold out any longer, so he pulled out and busted his load all over her pretty face.


There are some couples who send in their videos for the simple joy of sharing it with a large audience. On this Blackgfs-Horny as a fox Video you will catch a hot ebony babe who showed off her curves in a see through white lingerie. Her boyfriend quickly put her on the bed and began eating her out. You could tell that he really enjoyed licking and tasting her. She then shoved his cock deep into her mouth and worked it. She didn't stop till she went a bit numb at the mouth. Once she was done with that she showed off her small breast and then had her pussy pounded in each and every possible. This babe was really enjoying herself and couldn't get enough of it. This dude put his girl onto all four and she soon after received a hot load of cumshots right on her big ass. If you are looking for more ebony updates, then take a look at Blackgfs-Sweet like Honey Sex Pictures right now.

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This is one of those kinds of updates that we don't get much information, but all we know is that it is one hell of an amateur sex tape. Take a look at this Free Blonde Ebony Girlfriend Video On BlackGFs as it will show you this blonde ebony chick who loves to suck on dick. She got to the hotel room and quickly went to sucking his cock. She even took the balls into her mouth a couple of times. You can clearly tell that this chick knows what she is doing without a doubt. This babe soon exposed her big tits and made sure that got some action too. This dude began banging her in all sorts of positions and when he was ready to cum he told her to push her tits together, so he can titty fuck her. He soon came all over her tits and she loved it.

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