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Adrianna Knight big black booty

Adrianna Knight was one of the hottest black girls we'd EVER had on Black GFs. This sexy exotic babe had it all. She was tall with great legs, a prefect ass, slim waist, big natural tits, nipple piercings, model looks and a crazy hot pussy. When we first caught up to Adrianna, she was looking super sexy in the bathroom in her white mini-skirt and was getting all dolled up for a job interview. Her BF played it cool and just told her he was trying to record her big day. She was looking so hot, he had to ask her to get a sneak peak. Sure enough, Adrianna lifted her skirt to reveal that big juicy booty. It was unbelievable, and her man wanted to see more, so her asked her to show him her tits.

Adrianna Knight black girlfriend porn

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Just like that, Adrianna pulled them out. They were beautiful with nice cinnamon nipples and piercings. The vibe was hot, so her man just pulled out his cock. It was a tease for Adrianna, but she teased him even more, as she flashed her tits and ass and came over and sucked his cock a few seconds at a time. By then any, this couple went all out and dived into their sex tape. Adrianna sucked that cock like a champ, and once her man was heated up, he went balls deep in that pussy. He stroked it hard from multiple angles, as her big tits and ass bounced all around. Then he just went wild in doggy until he couldn't take it anymore and blew his load all over that sexy ass.


Bailey Banks teen porn

This week on Black GFs, we had a gorgeous ebony girlfriend that was fine as hell. Her name was Bailey Banks, and she was a stunner. Not only was Bailey really pretty, but she had an ass that was perfectly round and juicy. At the beginning of this video, her boyfriend recorded her, as she texted topless. Bailey had some beautiful tits, and we caught a couple nice looks. Best part was Bailey wasn't very shy. Her man was trying hard to get her to agree to a sextape, but it was only when he promised a bunch of chores she wanted done that Bailey gave in and agreed.

Bailey Banks ebony girlfriend porn

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Before we knew it, her pants came off, and we got a look at that HOT ebony ass. Then Bailey took off her panties and showed us that sweet shaved pussy. Next thing we knew, she was laid out on the couch playing with her pussy. Her man got in there and put his cock in her mouth. She gave him and incredible blow job that was Black GFs worthy. Then Bailey took that deep, as her BF pounded that pussy deep and hard. When it was too much, he pulled out and blasted his load all over her pretty face. You don't want to miss this one!


ebony teen Vicki Miraj is super fit

Vicki Miraj is what we like to refer to a PYT (as Mike said, a Pretty Young Thang). She was looking super hot at the gym working out in a tube top and a thong. She was a petite little thing, but she had a glorious ass that she was more than happy to show off for us, as she did some deep stretching. Her man had his video on hand and decided to film Vicki as she stretched. It was a thing of beauty, so you can't blame him. And even though she was complaining about it, Vicki still got into a stretching machine where she spread her legs wide open to give us a full view of that phat ebony pussy. Her man was so horny and wouldn't stop with the attempts at trying to get her to agree to a sextape, so she finally gave in. Right then and there at the gym, he pulled out his cock, and Vicki started to suck away on it. This black girl had some mad dick sucking skills.

Vicki Miraj doggy style ebony porn

She just bobbed up and down on that dick, as she took it deeper and deeper down her throat. After that, her BF started to rub that hot little black pussy. It was so wet and tight, Vickie was dripping, so she stripped down naked. She revealed those nice ebony tits and gave us a great view of that sexy booty. Her man went wild on that pussy. He turned Vicki around and went at it hard from the back in doggy style. Vicki's ass bounced up against him hard from the pounding he was giving that pussy. She loved it, and the couple banged in various positions in the middle of the gym. When man had gotten his fill of that sweet black pussy, he pulled out his cock and busted his hot all over Vicki's sexy body. This is one Black GF's update you will not want to miss!


Black GFs Jade Aspen nude pics

This week on Black GFs, we have got a special set of Jade Aspen pics just for you. Why do we say they're special? Well, have you ever seen Jade Aspen! She is probably the sexiest ebony girl to appear in the adult film biz EVER. She really has got it all from her long nice hair to her beautiful eyes and incredible body. She is definitely not average or even above average looking. Jade is the kind of Ebony beauty that will stop you dead in your tracks to be like, DAMN! She is fine as hell.

Jade Aspen blow job on Black GFs

Here we see Jade Aspen model a little and show off those big delicious tits. But it doesn't end there. Her booty is banging, and her face is a marvel to look at. But what impressed us most in this particular Black GFs episode was her sex skills. Not only does she give a world class blow job, but she also get on top to ride some amazing dick. She doesn't do it haphazardly. Jade puts everything she's got into it, and you know it. She drives this guy to his limit.

Black GFs Juicy Jade episode with Jade Aspen

And when this guy can't contain himself any longer from the juicy Jade, he lets one go all over her beautiful face and big tits. She gets covered in man juice and just licks it off. We're telling you, Jade Aspen will blow your mind in this Black Gfs update. If you like what you see here, then be sure to check out the full video. But we warn you because you'll have Jade in the brain for the next week.


Mya Lushes BlackGFs Blowjob

Mya Lushes goes all out in this Black Gfs update titled, Luscious Lushes. She shows us what black girlfriends are all about. Not only does Mya pull out her her big amazing tits, but she she give an incredible blow job that you'll never forget. Only a veteran like her could deliver like that. And that pink bikini of hers will drive you bonkers. It is super sexy.

Mya Lushes Big Tits

But things only heat up in this BlackGfs episode, as Mya Lushes lays on her back to take that dick. She gets a hard pussy drilling, and her huge boobs bounce all over with the stroking. Her man just moves that bikini to the side to get access. But he's about done with it, so he decides to pull it off her and turn her around for some doggy style.

Luscious Lushes Mya Lushes

Mya Lushes gives us a look at that big booty, as she turn around to take that cock deep from the back in doggy style. We must say that the Luscious Lushes episode featuring Mya Lushes is one of our more recent favorites. The way she jumps jumps right into the action is amazing. She doesn't need to take any cues. This ebony porn babe is a natural, and you'll be in love.

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We'll get sued if we tell you the magazine, but today on our site we happen to have a sex tape of cover girl model from a very predominate Latina magazine, and we have over an HOUR of footage! This scandalous tape came to us by being dropped overnight in our office's mailslot from an anonymous donor and contains some of the dirtiest, sickest porn that I have seen in a very long while.

What makes it so sick? Well, to start off with this video has more anal dildo play than I have ever seen in my life. And it's not just the Latina magazine chick doing it...in fact. Well, I can't say what happens, that would ruin the surpirse. But I can say that it is hot as hell and is an image that will stick in your head for years to come.

Anyways, if you want to get on the ground floor of the latest sex scandal, then you should really check out this video today! It will utterly blow your mind, I assure you!


I can't help myself, I'm sorry. I know that the theme for this site is Black GFs, but this chick that we had submitted to our site a couple of days ago was just so hot that I couldn't deny posting her video...even if she is a Latina hottie! I'm weak, I know...but the second that you watch this video I am pretty sure that you will feel weak as well...weak in the pants, that is!

In this Latino GFs video this chick basically goes through every sex move in the book and ends up making up a couple more. She starts off with giving a blow job and moves on to cream pie, salad-eating, and before you know it she's doing this move called "The Spanish Prisoner" that you have to see in order to believe!

Like all of the classic Black GFs videos, this movie features the best amateur porn the world has to offer. I really hope that you see it, and now that our videos are only $1...you really don't have a whole bunch to lose in that respect!

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