Tyera Brooks blowjob on Black GFs

Tyera Brooks was a hot black girlfriend that was thicker than gumballs. She really blew it up this week on Black GFs. When we first saw her she was getting dressed. Her man had come in on her with his new camera to try catch some of the action. Tyera was sexy and curvy and totally down to mess around on camera. She started things off by shaking her ass for her man. That booty was big and had us mesmerized. Her BF couldn't take it and jumped in. He started rubbing that pussy and licking on it. Tyera loved that and really got him back with an incredible blow job.

Tyera Brooks ebony porn on Black GFs

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This black GF had some amazing big titties and a nice big booty. Tyera wasted no time getting on that dick. She climbed on top and rode it deep. Her man pounded that pussy all over the bed, as her big ass booty and huge tits bounced and rebounded all over. She even turned around and rode that dick in reverse cowgirl with out ever coming off the cock. Now, that's a pro! Her man tried to hold off as long as he could, but when it came down to it, he pulled out and did the deed as he busted a huge nut all over her pretty face. This was an insane one you won't want to miss!


Jezabel Vessir blow job on Black GFs

Jezabel Vessir was a big tits wonder we had on this week on Black GFs. She was large and in charge with those big guns. When the video started out, her man was following her around with his camera fired up. He was totally psyched about how nice of a day it was and considered going out surfing. Because he was in such a good mood, he fired up his camera and looked for his girl Jezabel. When he found her, she was in the bathroom wearing some tiny booty shorts with no top on. Jezabel's tits were insane. They were massive, and we couldn't wait to see more. Her man didn't say a word as she took selfies in the mirror. At a certain point, Jezabel noticed him standing there. She was a little surprised but went with it.

Jezabel Vessir porn on Black GFs

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He kept giving her compliments and flattery, so she rewarded him by modeling for the camera. Things started to heat up, and soon enough, his cock was out. Jezabel ran with it and started giving him an insane blow job. This girl was pure fire, and he couldn't wait to get in that pussy. Jezabel took him in the room and owned that cock. She got on top and rode that dick deep as her huge tits bounced and rebounded all over. It was an amazing sight to behold. Jezabel may have been the hottest Black GF of all time! When her man couldn't take anymore of that amazing pussy, he pulled out and jizzed all over her big tits and beautiful face.


Becca Lee big tits on Black GFs

When it comes to sexy black girls, Becca Lee is where it's at. This sexy girlfriend had the full package. She was really pretty, with big ripe titties, and a big booty that was bubbly. When we first saw her, she was laid out by the pond in the backyard looking good in a tiny bikini thong and a white see-through t-shirt with no top underneath. Her man came up on her with his camera in hand and started filming her. Becca told him she just wanted to chill after a long day at work. He kept flirting with her and joking around. When he told her their was a gator in the pond, she got freaked out. He went to take the hose and shoo it away but just shot her with it and got her all wet. Becca's tits looked amazing.

Becca Lee porn on Black GFs

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Those dark nipples showed through her top and were delicious. She got frisky, and pretty soon, she was flashing her man those nice big tits. He knew she was down, so he whipped out his cock. Becca couldn't help herself and got right to it sucking away on that dick. Her man got sprung like slinky, and his pole was ready for action. He pounded that hot ebony pussy all over the blanket right there by the pond where people might see. That only made it hotter though. Becca orgasmed like crazy, and when it was his turn, he pulled out and busted a huge nut all over her big tits and pretty face.


Nia Naaz booty on Black GFs

Nia Naaz and her big brown booty will have you falling in love. She was a super sexy Black GF we were lucky enough to have on this week. When the video started, we saw Nia looking sexy as hell putting on makeup in the bathroom mirror. She was getting ready to go out to a party. Nia had on this miniskirt that was see-through lace, so we got a nice look at that huge black ass. It was an insane booty that had us hooked. Nia's BF kept flirting with her to try and get her to make a sextape, but she wasn't really feeling it. When he took her party prop, which was a whip, and gave her a little spanking, Nia got turned on.

Nia Naaz ebony porn on Black GFs

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He started squeezing her ass and tits, and pretty soon, the action was moved to the bedroom. There, Nia dropped to her knees and took that cock deep down her throat. She sucked that dick like a champ. It was a blow job for the ages. Then her BF turned her around and pounded that pussy deep and hard, as that big ass booty bounced and rebounded all over. Nia even got on top and worked that pussy like a champ to get that cock deeper. Her man kept up for a while, but in the end, that pussy was just too good. So he pulled out and busted his nut all over Nia's sexy body. You won't want to miss this one!


Dani Dreamz ebony porn star on Black GFs

This week on Black GFs, we had on the lovely Dani Dreamz. This hot black girlfriend was doing her nails in the bathroom when we caught up to her. She was cute, but we couldn't really see that body until she got up and walked over to the bedroom. Her booty was huge, round and hungry for some action. Her man filmed her the whole time, and Dani was down, so she asked him to rub some baby oil on her before she went out to get a tan by the pool. He rubbed down those sexy big tits and dark nipples, and that got Dani even hornier.

Dani Dreamz doggystyle on Black GFs

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She wanted to take it further, so she did some modeling for him before she got down on her knees and started suck away on that cock. Dani gave an amazing blow job that was out of this world. Those dick-sucking lips were magical. Once her man was sprung, it was game on. He that big booty over and pounded it deep and hard form the back. Dani loved it, as that huge ass bounced all over from the deep dickdown. Dani even got on top to ride that dick down further. It was some insane black girlfriend action. And when her man couldn't hold out any longer, he pulled out and busted all over her sexy body.


Payton Banks black porn on Black GFs

This week on Black GFs, we had on the fine ass babe, Payton Banks. This black girlfriend had it all. She was gorgeous, had perfect plump tits, nice mocha nipples, a slim waist, a big round booty, thick thighs and a hot little pussy. When we first caught up to her, she was in the backyard in a bikini sunbathing. Peyton looked good, and we couldn't wait to see some more of this hot black girl. She explained how she was annoyed at her BF for filming her, but she quickly got over it. The couple had friends coming over, but the jacuzzi was empty because Payton's BF had forgotten to fill it. So as they left the water running, they headed indoors.

Payton Banks big booty porn on Black GFs

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There we got a nice look at Payton's body while she drank water. Her man kept begging for some action, and Payton finally gave in. She took him to the next room, and there she sucked on his cock. Payton gave an amazing blowjob, but her man wanted that pussy bad. He banged that sweet ebony snatch all over her couch, and Payton loved it. It was a thing of beauty watching that HOT ass bounce up and down, as she rode that cock and took a stroking from behind. But Payton was too hot to handle, so her man pulled out and busted his nut all over her sexy tits and smoking body.


Aja Axxx ebony ass on Black GFs

This week on Black GFs, we had on Aja Axxx. This hot girl was slim and sexy. Not to mention, she was a total freak. When the video opened, Aja's boyfriend walked in on her in the bedroom, as she took a nap. She only had a shirt on and no panties. Aja's pussy was in full view. It was lovely looking, and we couldn't wait to see more. Her BF made some sound that started to wake her up, so she flipped on her side and gave us a great view of her pussy and ass. Aja was very nice. We soon found out how freaky she was, as she shook her booty all over, played with her pussy and begged her man to pound that pussy. But she didn't want it on camera.

Aja Axxx ebony porn on Black GFs

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No matter, because he didn't put it away, and she just got over it. When he pulled out his cock, Aja wasted no time sucking away on his dick. This black girl had skills and took it all the way down her throat. It wasn't long after that he started pounding that pussy deep and hard. Aja loved it, but really put on a show when she got on top and rode his cock. She worked that dick like a champ as she gyrated her ass and hips and took it even deeper. But that pussy was too good, and when her man couldn't hold out any longer, he pulled out and busted a nut all over her HOT ass!

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