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We'll get sued if we tell you the magazine, but today on our site we happen to have a sex tape of cover girl model from a very predominate Latina magazine, and we have over an HOUR of footage! This scandalous tape came to us by being dropped overnight in our office's mailslot from an anonymous donor and contains some of the dirtiest, sickest porn that I have seen in a very long while.

What makes it so sick? Well, to start off with this video has more anal dildo play than I have ever seen in my life. And it's not just the Latina magazine chick doing fact. Well, I can't say what happens, that would ruin the surpirse. But I can say that it is hot as hell and is an image that will stick in your head for years to come.

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On today's episode we have not one but TWO ghetto black teens who make love to the camera and have the energy to fuck all night long. Now, I got to be honest with ya'll - we don't have a lot of threesome videos on Black GFs, but when we do receive them you can be sure that they're among the hottest ebony three way videos on the internet!

These two chicks just work so well together - they have a way of knowing each other's bodies even better than I know my own body! Be sure to watch for the part where they begin to lick each other's pussies super hard and stare into each other's eyes while doing it. Watch this movie and suddenly you will find yourself believing in romance all over again!

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We just featured a White GF movie, and that post was so popular that we decided to feature to ya'll yet another series of white GFs movies! Why do we do such a thing? Because we here at Black GFs & the Reality Kings network (unlike other porn websites) care and we're sensitive to the erotic needs of our biggest fans. Especially when they're clamoring for shit that is as hot as the videos that we're featuring on the site today!

I just love that we managed to have another white/black interracial porn submitted to us today. The chicks in this video are one of those babes who has no problem with showing off their bodies to the world, and I couldn't be more glad that they decided to do so! I mean, seeing two incredible bodies go down on a dude and suck their dick is one of the hottest things I've seen in the longest time!

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Today we get a little bit of Latin flavor on Black GFs by showing you a little Latina GFs who is one nymphomaniac who just can't keep her hands off of dude's junk! It's like there's a magnet pull that exists between this chick's body and a dude's manhood or something, I don't know. What I do know, however, is that she is a little Cuban beauty with an ass that just doesn't quit and a mouth that really knows how to suck some dick!

Be sure to watch the scene where this chick begins to play with herself, because it is as sexy as hell. Who would had guessed watching a hot babe masturbating until she cums would be so fun? I certainly would not have guessed that! But I challenge anyone in the world to watch this video that we have for you today and NOT get turned on by the solo scenes!

Of course this chick does more than give blow jobs and masturbate...but I would be here all day if I tried to list all of the sex moves that she does in this movie! Instead I'll just tell you to download the movie yourself by signing up for Black GFs right this moment! With our $1 subscription offer, it's as easy as shit to do!


Black Friday in the retail world might mean a lot of cheap electronic crap can be bought for wholesale prices, but Black Friday in the porn world means a whole lot more. It means that we pull out all of the stops and bring to you a sexy ebony amateur porn movie featuring not one, not two, but FOUR black babes fucking and writhing with each other all night long! For your sake, I really hope you spend today watching this sexy video instead of wading through the masses at your local Big Box store!

I got to be honest, I don't think that I've ever seen a movie as hot as this one since that one Naughty Gals Get Banged movie a while back. I always try to top ourselves when it comes to content each Black Friday, and this time around I am worried about what I'd be able to pull off next year...I mean, how can I top an amateur video of four ebony lesbians orgasming at once? See the hotness for yourself by signing up for Black GFs today...with our new $1 subscription price, it's cheaper than ever!

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We've shown you plenty of Black GFs on our site in the past (I mean, it is the theme of this site) and we've also indulged a little bit and showed you some white gfs fooling around for the camera. But it hasn't been recently that we've been showing some Latinas EX gfs, and we're sorry about make things up we've featured TWO videos this week that has hot hispanic babes getting their amateur pussies filled to the brim with cum!

This chick in today's episode is such a little minx that I wouldn't know what to do with her if I had her in bed! I mean, she's such a tiger that it's hard to tell at certain points in the film whatever she's going to eat the dude in the movie or if she's just going to fuck him! Man, I love it when the chicks that we get in our films are sex-crazed maniacs!

Anyways, enjoy your South American flavor on Black GFs today! We're sorry for not being more inclusive on our site, but we will try to make it up to you...starting with our egalitarian price of only $1 for a subscription!

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